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GasPains is the install a motor on everything and anything adventure show starring Christopher “MG” Cooper, Joe “FAF” Beaudette and Seth Nichol. The pilot episode will air soon right here on the GasPains Television Network, and select cable in North America!

Well folks here it is… the trailer for the first episode of GasPains Xtra which will be released next month and will stream right here on GasPains Television. We are hoping to release new episdoes of Xtra regularily so stay tuned.

Ron Article

Read “Restoring a Classic BMW” HERE

I grew up in the small town of Fort Chambly, Quebec, just south of Montreal. From an early age, my grandfather, who built the first gasoline engine car in Canada, the Fossmobile, often shared his own interest in cars with me, which may have contributed to my fascination with the automobile.


New article by Mercedes Blair, check it out HERE

Abandoned, rusty, vehicles are intriguing for some, for others they are an eye sore and a hazard. Not everyone can see the beauty in decay. To me each vehicle is a piece of history, left for the earth to reclaim and take over. Each one has a soul and as a photographer I love to try to capture a piece of that soul.

We Want You

Christopher, Joe and Seth want you! Well, really… they want your sweet rides! Whether they be of the four, three or two-wheel variety, GasPains Xtra is your chance to show off what you have created or restored. We are looking primarily for vintage cars and motorcycles (pre 1980’s), the coolest, the rarest and the most interesting gets our attention! We are also looking for how you met and fell in love with your ride, and the interesting stories along the way.

So, send us your stories and pics and they may show up on our social media outlets or in an article in GasPains Magazine, and the most interesting will be featured on GasPains Xtra a series of short episodes of the coolest in the world of gas and oil!

Drop us a line HERE

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